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Mediating Certaintysm

Solving Problems, Reducing Risk.
focusing on mediating litigated cases - routine or complex

My goal as a mediator is simple - get the parties to the point of certainty. A point at which settlement is chosen by the parties (as the best means within their control) to avoid the time, expense, and associated risk of either commencing or continuing litigation.  Call me now at 304.984.9800 to schedule the mediation of your litigated case or other dispute (watch the videos to learn more).

Education: Keith Jones is a 1985 graduate of the West Virginia University College of Law, where he served as a member of the West Virginia Law Review. Prior to attending law school, he first obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism at WVU, and then obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree from the College of Business and Economics at WVU.  While working toward his MBA, Mr. Jones worked with the Vice President of Institutional Advancement at WVU to secure funding for significant capital projects at the university. This unique educational background, combined with his professional experience and qualifications as an attorney, provides Keith with the communication skills and substantive knowledge needed to serve as an effective mediator in a wide variety of matters.  Mr. Jones has also completed Advanced Mediator training and is recognized as a mediator by the West Virginia State Bar.

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Respected as a litigator
Effective as a mediator.

 Like litigation itself, an effective mediation depends in large part on a mediator who has broad legal knowledge, has experienced the unexpected twists and turns of litigation, has been diligent in preparation, and has earned the respect of the parties and their counsel.

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Mediating Routine and Complex Matters

Accidents/Personal Injury

The resolution of most auto and other accident cases at one time involved routine telephone calls and correspondence between counsel and an insurance claims representative. Things have changed in the 21st century, however, with complex insurance, lien, subrogation, proof and other issues arising in most cases.  A knowledgeable mediator can help the parties develop options to resolving their dispute – even in light of these complexities – in all types of accident/negligence cases

Business/Construction Law

Although many business disputes, including general commercial and complex construction law cases, are now referred to and mediated within the recently formed West Virginia Business Court division, parties not before the Business Division, including those who are litigating in Federal Court, may elect to hire a mediator to assist them in resolving their dispute.  As reflected by the attorney testimonials below, Mr. Jones has used his substantive knowledge to help successfully mediate such cases.

Mandolidis/Deliberate Intent

The litigation of deliberate intent cases can become very contentious and expensive because the parties are required to retain multiple expert witnesses and must often litigate through the summary judgment motion stage before the matter is ready for settlement.  One alternative parties should consider is early dispute resolution with a mediator who is knowledgeable about the West Virginia law governing deliberate intention actions.

Employment Law

Mr. Jones has experience in the employment law arena in age, sex, disability and race discrimination cases under State and Federal Law, in Harless-type retaliatory discharge cases, in family and medical leave claims, and in cases involving alleged failure to provide a reasonable accommodation. As an experienced employment law attorney, Mr. Jones brings the kind of knowledge and understanding a mediator needs to help the parties resolve their employment law disputes. 

Insurance Law

Insurance law weaves its way through almost all legal disputes.  Having litigated and mediated a wide-variety of cases, Mr. Jones is available to help parties resolve all types of insurance law disputes.  While the role of a mediator does not include making findings of fact or legal rulings, it is helpful to insurance law litigants and their counsel to have a mediator who is knowledgeable about the law as it applies to such cases and is also knowledgeable about the burdens of proof and economic damage issues presented in such cases.

Malpractice/Wrongful Death

Whether you are representing the plaintiff or the defendant in an action against a nursing home, hospital or other long health care provider, you will want a mediator who has litigated and mediated these types of cases; who understands the statutory and regulatory basis for such actions; and who has the ability to compehend the medical-legal issues arisng in such cases.  Of course, wrongful death cases arise out of many acts or omissions, not just malpractice, and a trained mediator can help navigate through the issues towards resolution.

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